Poynt 5

Poynt 5 smart terminal brings the unlimited versatility of a mobile device to a future-proof payment terminal for all kinds of small businesses. The terminal was built to meet the highest PCI and EMV security requirements to ensure the ultimate protection for your business and customer’s information. With up to 8 hours of battery life, you are ready to take payments in line or at the table all day long!



The Poynt 5 is a portable terminal, which makes it ideal for situations where you don’t want to be tied to a checkout counter. You can use it for line-busting in a retail store, to accept payments right at the table in your restaurant, or outside at festivals. The portability increases convenience for your customers, as you can come to them.

As mentioned above, the Poynt terminal lets you accept a variety of card payments, including chip cards, gift cards, and contactless payments. You can also accept and record cash payments, with the option of connecting a cash drawer.

The new Poynt 5 also connects with printers but customers can opt for email receipts, text receipts, or skip the receipt entirely.

The terminal works with Wifi or 3G connections, and can connect to many existing POS systems.

Additionally, the Poynt terminal includes access to the Poynt Apps Marketplace to allow you to customize your terminal to your exact needs. As with the main Poynt system, the Poynt 5 handheld terminal offers Poynt HQ to provide access to reports, real-time sales information, and more. You can even access the terminal through a mobile app on your Android or iPhone wen you’re away from the business.

Poynt 5 Specifications

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